4th-6th Grade Traveling Volleyball

youth volleyball02Traveling volleyball will begin the end of August and run until the end of October.

The 4th & 5th will play together and the 6th.

All practices will be held in the WMC Gym after the Jr. High volleyball practices.

Games will begin the first Saturday after Labor Day.

Youth VolleyballTowns in the league include:

  • Calhan
  • Ellicott
  • Miami
  • Peyton
  • Byers
  • Bennett
  • Kiowa
  • Limon

Games are played on Saturday mornings starting at 8:00 a.m. All teams travel to 1 location and teams are guaranteed two games.

Traveling Volleyball Signup Form

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Youth Volleyball 2nd-6th Grade

Youth volleyball participants will be instructed on the fundamentals of play and the basic rules of volleyball, while experiencing the benefits of exercise and team unity.

The high school coaches and players will be helping with the program.

Practices will be held on Friday mornings in September and October.

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